Art Marketing Case Study - Project to improve productivity and delivery to customers

Art Marketing is a leading supplier to some of the largest UK and international high street retailers. Art Marketing has an established and diverse portfolio of contemporary and classic designs, exclusive collections of framed and canvas art, Wight studio's originals, Thomas Kent Clocks and ARTBEAT greeting cards

The Project
Nick Oliver Associates reviewed business processes at Art Marketing’s two UK sites and identified potential improvements. Working with the production team they conducted two ‘Kaizen Blitz’ events to achieve Step Change Improvements. The Art Marketing team realised that by reorganising their processes they could get much more out of their resources.


In the words of one team member, Jenny – "It’s really great, everything flows".

  • 25% improved On Time Delivery
  • 20 % Productivity Increase
  • The project has enabled Art Marketing to take on more orders.
    "If materials are available we can do 30-50% more than we used to."
  • Teamwork and staff morale bothimproved

"The projects focused all levels ofmanagement around the key problems and the causes of those problems. Nick and Martin made us critically aware of problems around lack of supply of raw materials. Now we’re focused aroundmaking sure materials reach the production line on time. The help we have received is fantastic."

“Nick and Martin helped the team work out the best way to make improvements. Work in progress was substantially reduced and additional training requirements for staff were identified. The benefits were immediately obvious”.

Geoff Heald, Operations Director