The Florida Group - Van Daal Shoes

The Florida Group is the foremost UK supplier of ladies shoes for mature women. The company is extremely proud of its heritage, still based in Norwich and is a truly English ladies shoe brand. They source the finest materials from aroundt he world and work with the most experienced and professional partners in a global business environment to ensure the continuing excellence of their product

The project:
Bob Marston, Production Director, asked Nick Oliver Associates to lead a project to help the company to provide a first class service to their customers

We led the project with a team of keypeople from all areas of the business involved in developing, making and delivering product to their customers. We applied a Value Stream Mapping technique to the complex business processes to bring product to market. This provided a clear agreed understanding and a firm base from which to design improvements.

We helped the team design, plan and implement many changes, including a measuring system to monitor the effects of the project

Team planning business processes aided the goal of providing the best possible customer service.

Project Results- in the team’s own words:

  • “Delivery performance improved fromaround 50% to 90% during spring season” (Bob Marston)
  • “The project has resulted in action plans that will really affect how this business is run”
  • “Highlighted bottle necks in development”
  • “Early days, but we can now purchase new season’s material 2 months earlier, greatly helping planning and reducing costs”
  • “The project has enabled us to achieve significant cost savings by withdrawing 3underused materials”
  • “Given us understanding of other departments' problems & impacts of actions”
  • “The project doesn’t stop here!”

Benefits to The Florida Group:
“The biggest gain is we now understand the problems we’ve always had. We knowwhere we are going wrong and are getting much better. We expect the real impact next season” (Bob Marston)

“Our new planning system highlights issues between development and production planning and leads to improvements through healthy debate. On time delivery performance is much better than last season and still improving” (Don Milwood, Customer Services Manager)