Lean Management Continuous Improvement

Lean is achievable in all kinds of businesses - industrial, service sector or retail. Small improvements can make a big difference. We'll help you start.

Change Management Transitioning Teams

Transitioning a team to a new way of working can be very difficult. We'll help start the process change and support it, helping your people view change positively.

Company Development Increase Effectiveness

We'll see your company from outside the box, looking to create long-term value for your business in the way you approach your customers, processes and markets.


The core skills to deal with people in order to motivate and enthuse them is a vital part of leadership. Creating respect creates opportunities for growth.


Apart from the benefits of better productivity, lower costs, improved quality and customer service, the projects we do will help you achieve improved operational and financial performance, especially Increasing the Capacity your operation, without capital investment to increase capacity in.

This is what our customers say:

“The increase in capacity will enable Jeyes to cope with a potential £400K pa worth of new business” (Jeyes Group)

“Product quality has improved because communication is much better - people are much more open and willing to highlight issues, Customer complaints have dropped by 50% , People are closer together so they can see what’s going on; better visibility means we get forewarned of issues. We were able to produce the same output using two thirds of our existing factory area. Reduced factory space required from 20000 to 13000 sq ft resulting in an overhead saving of £48,000.00 per annum” (Mark Bramall, General Manager, Methode Fiber Optics)

“The new layout and flow enables a cycle time of 2 hours 10 minutes to easily be achieved, 22% faster than before, with a 30% increase in productivity. Only 50% of the space is now required, leaving room for expansion of other activities into the 5000 square feet of factory that has now been freed. As a direct result of the project this is now a much more competitive and profitable factory. We have increased capacity with the existing team and plant by 28%. (Ken Lewis, Chairman, Dutton Engineering)

What is "Lean"?

Lean management is a way of running a business that aims to deliver continuous improvement.

It's undertaken with a long-term view to the company's activities that looks to bring about small, ongoing changes in processes and procedures to improve efficiency and quality - and ultimately the bottom line.